Jason Nickerson






I built my professional career from a foundation of clinical work as a respiratory therapist. Over more than a decade, I worked across Canada on the frontlines of patient care, learning from many wonderful mentors – patients, their families, and my colleagues.

But my interests were bigger than the hospital’s corridors, and my personal and professional interests took me in new directions. Today, I work at the intersection of medical care, health policy, and global health. My work includes some fascinating and complicated issues including access to medicines, humanitarian assistance and negotiations, public health approaches to drug policy, and many other aspects of health law, policy, and ethics.

I completed a Bachelor of Health Sciences degree in Respiratory Therapy, a Master of Arts in Adult Education, and a PhD in Population Health. I have had the opportunity to work with many wonderfully brilliant people throughout my life and I am constantly working to make sure that people can benefit from the generosity of my curiosity.

Beyond my professional work, I absolutely dig the weird and wonderful things of the world. I’m trying to help build cool things in the world by being a trustee of Awesome Ottawa.

See my portfolio and browse my publications and presentations for a more comprehensive understanding of my work.