I have worked on a number of projects related to access to essential medicines, specifically access to controlled narcotics for anesthesia and analgesia in low-income countries.

My work has included reviews of the barriers to accessing controlled medicines in low-income countries, a review of the availability of morphine per capita disaggregated by country income groups, and a review of the legal mechanisms surrounding international controls on essential medicines.

I have also conducted work related to counterfeit, substandard, and falsified medicines, with a particular focus on injectable medicines. I am interested in further work related to supply chains for anesthetic medicines, and drug quality of anesthetics in low-income countries.

Ongoing projects in this area include work to revise previous estimates of morphine consumption per capita, and work to ensure the continued availability of ketamine for safe surgery in low-income countries. I am currently working with undergraduate law and medicine students on these projects and welcome further collaborators.