I completed a PhD in population health, focusing on the methods for conducting health facility and public health needs assessments during humanitarian emergencies in low- and middle-income countries. Since 2009, I have worked in collaboration with operational humanitarian agencies and donors to improve the availability and quality of information upon which decisions can be made during complex emergencies.

I have experience and expertise in designing and conducting needs assessments in a variety of contexts, including refugee and displacement emergencies, acutely and chronically disrupted health systems in middle-income countries, natural disasters, and conflict-affected low-income countries. My work has included designing questionnaires, developing health systems and public health indicators, conducting systematic reviews and desk reviews of existing needs assessments, analyzing quantitative and qualitative data, and adapting existing tools (e.g. Multi Cluster/Sector Initial Rapid Assessment – MIRA, Health Resources Availability Mapping System – HeRAMS, etc.) to ensure operational appropriateness.

My clients have included major non-governmental organizations, United Nations agencies, and governmental agencies.